Riemann hypothesis for dummies

Riemann Hypothesis For Dummies

To explain it to you I will have to lay some groundwork. You may have heard the question asked, "what is the square root of minus one? is represented as a horizontal line, then the numbers ...-4i, -3i, -2i, -i, 0, i, 2i, 3i, 4i... It basiy has two types of zeros: the "trivial" zeroes, that occur at all negative even integers, that is, -2, -4, -6, -8...

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First published in Riemann's groundbreaking 1859 paper (Riemann 1859), the Riemann hypothesis is a deep mathematical conjecture which states that the nontrivial Riemann zeta function zeros, i.e., the values of other than , , , ...

The <b>Riemann</b> <b>Hypothesis</b>

The Riemann Hypothesis

Such that (where is the Riemann zeta function) all lie on the "critical line" (where denotes the real part of ).

GRH - Generalized Riemann Hypothesis in Medical & Science.

The name is also used for some closely related analogues, such as the Riemann hypothesis for curves over finite fields.

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